Project actions are being carried out according to the plans: the archive survey shows good results (see more below), we tested the search service prototype, discussed the implementation of the ethical guidelines to the UI, planned forthcoming pilots in Umeå (March 2020) and Kautokeino (April 2020), and we arranged an introduction event to the public. Prototype of the search service was tested and we got valuable feedback. This took place during the Skábmagovat film festival which we enjoyed, as well as Siida museum, Sami Archives in Sajos, and beautiful winter weather!

Eeva-Kristiina Harlin from Sámi Arkiiva in Inari presented results of the survey she has conducted together with Nils Johan Eira from Sámi Arkiiva in Kautokeino at our Introduction and demo event. Our project has made a survey about the Sámi related archival material in the collections of institutions within European memory organization. Out of 41 positive answers on Sami related material in general, 23 have (partly) digitized them. In addition to collections in Sweden, Norway and Finland, already digitized materials are e.g. in Estonia, Netherlands, Scotland, Great Britain and Germany. This survey work is still going on in Kautokeino.

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