The project organized an online workshop on ethical guidelines development, with the project researchers and Steering Group representatives on 29.1.2021. In the workshop, we presented the current state of our ethical guidelines workpackage – the texts and their integration in the search service prototype. Iiris Kestilä presented our work on ethical guidelines, and Riitta Orti-Berg from the Sámi Parliament of Finland and Anna Westman Kuhmunen from Ájtte Museum presented their comments for the draft text version sent for the review prior to the workshop. We received valuable feedback, and discussed also about the current developments and other ongoing work on ethical guidelines and legislation within the Sámi community and the Nordic countries policymaking. It was also highlighted that in the use context of online services, the user interactions are quite fast, and the ethical guidelines embedded to the User Interface design need to be communicated to the user in an efficient and usable manner. Warm thank you to all participants!