Good news for the Sámi language week!

Finnish Conference of Onomastics is an annual scientific event, where scholarly studies concerning proper names in Finland and its vicinity are presented. In the the Conference, the Name of the Year, will be awarded and voted by the Conference participants from proposals that have been sent to a jury. Our dear Nuohtti is one of the seven candidates for the Name of the Year! The idea of the award to raise successful name choices and pay attention to the importance of naming in society.

The jury praises Nuohtti, that is North Sámi language and refers to a long net having floats attached at the top and sinkers (weights) at the bottom, used in shallow water for catching fish, as a good metaphor for a digital service that harvests archival materials from different memory organisations. On top of that, the jury mentions that the name is easy to pronounce and write also to the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian speaking users.

The Award will be voted at the Finnish Conference of Onomastics on Thursday 4 November 2021. The Conference will be arranged in Zoom and one can register by the 30th October

Read more about the competition and the seven candidates (in Finnish):