Improving accessibility

Digital Access to Sámi Heritage Archives project develops a user-friendly search portal for searching Sámi cultural heritage information from different European digital archives. This enables easier study of archived information independently from its location.

The project is conducted as a collaboration between several partners, which all have roles in the creating the service. The national Sámi archives in Finland and Norway chart the different archives in Nordic countries as well as Europe, in which Sámi related materials are stored. The University of Oulu, Finland, is responsible for the technology development and implementation. The University of Umeå, Sweden, designs the user interface for the search portal, and together with University of Lapland, conducts usability testing and explores alternative user interface solutions. The University of Lapland is also responsible for the ethical guidelines related to the usage of cultural heritage materials.

The search portal user interface will be implemented in English and North Sámi, but can be translated to other languages later. Towards the end of the project, the search service will be piloted among Sámi community members in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Archives, and other memory organizations, please note:

If you have not received our questionnary, but would like to, pleace contact Ekaterina Sujala (ekaterina.sujala(at) or Nils-Johan Eira (nileir(at)

Examples of archive materials